How it works.

Earn points and rewards for smart commuting.

Travel smart and do your part in easing the crowdedness on board the MRT and LRT during the morning peak hours by participating in Travel Smart Rewards. As a Travel Smart Rewards member, you can earn points for your travel on board the MRT and/or LRT on weekdays (except for public holiday) and look forward to winning cash rewards.

How to participate in Travel Smart Rewards?

  1. Click on the Sign Up button above to participate.

  2. Fill in your full name as stated in NRIC/FIN, NRIC/FIN number, email address, travel card CAN ID (16-digit card number found at the back of your travel card) along with other demographic information. Only commuters with the following card types are eligible to participate in this programme:

    Faq ez linkNon-Concession CardsAdult EZ-Link, Nets FlashPay, Co-brand cards with Adult EZ-Link or Nets FlashPay function
    Faq concession cardsConcession CardsDiploma Student Concession Card, Undergraduate Concession Card, Private Education Institution Student Concession Card, Workfare Transport Concession Card, Persons with Disabilities Concession Card, Adult Monthly Travel Card, Senior Citizen Concession Card, PAssion Silver Concession Card
  3. Start travelling on the MRT and/or LRT on weekdays (except public holidays) using your personalised travel planner to earn points and win cash rewards!

Your participation and your privacy.

When you join Travel Smart Rewards, you are agreeing to share a limited amount of your past and present commute history, specifically the day, time and station locations of your trips.

Travel Smart Rewards will only use your commute data in aggregate to answer questions such as ‘What is the percentage of participants commuting during the peak hours? What is the percentage of participants who are exhibiting positive shift?’ etc.

About Travel Smart Rewards (TSR).

Travel Smart Rewards encourages participants to shift their commute outside of the morning peak period based on the personalised travel planner messages. The more commuters participate in Travel Smart Rewards, the more accurate the data is in pinpointing the change in travel patterns that participants have to make. This will help to ease the crowdedness on board the MRT and LRT on weekdays by distributing the load, resulting in a more effective and efficient use of Singapore’s rail network.